This is my deco snail cup. I copied the drawing (but drew it myself). And made  the cup too. And these are the lawnopotamus family, mom and two babies. They live in our dry river bed. Made them too!






So my senior friends wanted to do one thing before they graduated…


I have watched this 15 times and I need more

as a drummer, i can confirm that this is how we spend free time

Cousins Gary, Carlie, Jackie and Judy plus Nephew Robin!! We all met in Willimantic, kinda in the middle between MA and Wilton. We knew that Willimantic had a great old Textile History Museum, but we didn’t know about the Frogs!! Sometimes called Thread City, but also called Frog City! And here is one rendering of the story about the Frogs, dating from 1754…..

"Way back in 1754 the good people of the town were roused from their beds during the deep hours of a dark night by a strange, mysterious and increasing loud noise. The disquietude kept increasing until it became a virtually cacophony of raspy and clangorous sound. Most of the people were terrified and fell down on their knees to pray while other more intrepid souls grabbed guns and rocks to fend off the invaders. Many thought it had to be the end of the world, or at the very least this part of the world.

Stories tell that it was absolute bedlam. People firing guns at the woods, sky or each other while others were begging their maker for forgiveness. Nobody knew exactly what to do or what the cause of the tumultuous rumpus was. The chaos lasted all night.

At the first light the cause became obvious; thousands of dead frogs were seen everywhere. Apparently a severe drought caused the last ponds to dry up and the green ruffians were all desperately seeking the last bits of water and fighting each other in a sort of froggy turf battle. No wonder the poor people couldn’t figure out what was going on.. Nothing in life prepared them for this….”

From green to grey, green busting out more and more on a daily basis that is spring in Wilton then off to the bursting bustle of the tourist-packed Theater District NYC, looking up at a great clock topping a 19th (or early 20th) century building in a greyish sky, amid greyish brown buildings. Lyrical singing of these two hasn’t been able to save this show which is closing next week. Jason Robert Brown composer. Love his stuff. Oh well.

Car Buffs Find Rally Electrifying:

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Car Buffs Find Rally Electrifying

By James Lomuscio

Westporter Brian Strong has had a long, thrilling relationship with fossil fuel cars. For one, he’s raced them on the track. Image
Leo Cirino (l), president of the Westport Electric Car Club, today presents the winning trophy to the winners of the second annual Electric Car Rally Brian Strong (c) and Noah Levine. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Miggs Burroughs for

“And my daily driver is a 1961 Corvette,” he notes. 

Strong also owns several other classic cars, including a 1921 Brewster.

But today, as he waited for the results of the Second Annual EV Road Rally at the eastbound Saugatuck train station, Strong admitted he has become quite smitten by electric powered vehicles.

The rally was held as part of Westport’s GreenDay celebrated throughout town this weekend.

“Now, mpg (miles per gallon) is the new mph (miles per hour),” Strong said in front of the station house equipped with a vehicle solar charging station. “The thing now is to milk every last foot of mileage.”

As he spoke, little did Strong, who is president of the Westport Y’s Men, realize that in a few minutes he would be announced as the rally’s first place winner.

According to John Shuck, rally coordinator, a total of 38 electric cars had vied for first place, each one having to come the closest to the official mileage set for the rally, 38.6 miles. The electric Smart car driven by Noah Levine with Strong as navigator hit it right on the odometer.

Other electric cars in the rally that toured Westport, Weston, Norwalk and Wilton before heading back to Westport included Teslas, Honda Fits, Chevy Volts and Mitsubishis. Even Beamers were represented with two not-so-sleek, electric cars, the BMW i3.

“These are not hybrids,” said Shuck. “These are all 100 percent electric.

“It’s changing daily,” he added about the electric car industry. “So, if you’re thinking about doing a renovation or building a home, put a charger in your house. All of these cars have an 85- to 200-mile range.”

According to Dennis Levitt, who drove his electric Tesla in from California last week to participate and who came in third place today, electric cars stand out for being quiet.

“It’s as quiet as a golf cart, and I know golf carts,” said Levitt, who toured the town with Westporter George Franciscovich, Jane Gordon and Pete McElroy.

“And it’s a lot faster than a golf cart, and all you hear are the tires and the wind,” he added.

For dyed-in-the-wool, internal combustion engine aficionados who want the satisfaction only the rhythms of revving can provide, such electric vehicle simplicity might seem prosaic.

But not so, says Strong.

“This is a whole new challenge if it’s done effectively,” he said.

Posted 05/04 at 02:40 PM

CA interlopers at Westport CT E-Car Club 2nd Annual Rally!

D & moi brought along two very local and very savvy navigators, Mac & George, with whose help we actually came in 3rd! I was astounded at how many Teslas, along with LEAFs, Volts, and various tiny Smart cars, hybrids and a couple of other strange car-like things, actually participated. We had to follow clues which led us all around Westport, Norwalk, Wilton and Weston (I was the maven on Cartbridge and River Road clues), and back to the train station where they gave us free food and the above glass trophy. Beautiful windy day!

D took this a few years ago, it’s quite a fave. And, it’s a test. Showing that all the old ones are coming out rightside up. So I must have done something weird recently to the phone camera settings, I guess.

D took this a few years ago, it’s quite a fave. And, it’s a test. Showing that all the old ones are coming out rightside up. So I must have done something weird recently to the phone camera settings, I guess.